Tech Features in the New Hyundai Genesis

2016 Hyundai Genesis

What Tech Features are in the New Hyundai Genesis?

The new 2016 Hyundai Genesis is the result of Hyundai’s dedication and commitment to building a truly world-class luxury sedan. This second generation Genesis takes all that was exceptional in the first Hyundai Genesis – and improves upon it. With more standard features, more power, better handling, improved styling and a cabin that rivals the world’s best, the new Hyundai Genesis clearly stands among the elite luxury sedans available today.

The technology features available in the new Hyundai Genesis are remarkable for any luxury vehicle, but are made even more so given its low MSRP. Exceptionally well-equipped even in base trim, the new Genesis luxury sedan can be outfitted with an incredible range of features. Here are just some of the features that make the new Hyundai Genesis one of the best luxury values from any carmaker.

2016 Hyundai Genesis

Comfort and Convenience Tech Features

9.2-Inch Touchscreen Display.  The exceptional clarity and responsiveness of the 9.2-inch touchscreen monitor will make everything from navigation to adjusting climate controls convenient and simple. And the Driver Information System is one of the fastest and most intuitive of any comparable vehicle.

Cabin CO2 Sensor.  This world’s first technology monitors the CO2 levels that can naturally build in the cabin, and automatically engages the ventilation system to bring in fresh air. No other vehicle takes passenger comfort to such an extreme.

Hands-Free Smart Trunk.  Unlike nearly every other automated trunk opener that requires you to wave or kick at it, the Smart Trunk on the new Hyundai Genesis opens for you automatically. All you need to do when your hands are full is to stand within 3 feet of the trunk with the key, and it releases.

Genesis Intelligent Assistant® App.  Featuring next-generation Enhanced Blue Link® technology, this new convenience tool takes information from your vehicle and automatically sends it to your smart phone. It also sends temperature alerts, allows you to remotely start your Genesis, and delivers information about planned routes you have selected.

Safety Tech Features

Lane Departure Warning with Lane Keep Assist.  This available safety feature will notify you if you veer from your lane without signaling, and can even apply corrective steering to keep you on the right path.

Blind Spot Warning with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert.  Blind Spot Detection uses radar sensors to warn you of a vehicle you may not be able to see, before you attempt to change lanes. Similarly, the Rear Cross-Traffic Alert system uses radar to notify you of vehicles approaching when you’re attempting to back up.

Automatic Emergency Braking.  The new Hyundai Genesis has the ability to apply full braking force to stop your vehicle if it detects an imminent collision. Using both a camera and radar sensors, Automatic Emergency Braking works between 5 and 50 miles per hour, to give you an extra cushion of safety.

Heads-Up Display.  The new Genesis Heads-Up Display projects important information directly in the driver’s line of sight so that you never have to take your eyes from the road. This system also uses a color LCD instrument display panel to provide all important vehicle data without having to turn your head to the side.

2016 Hyundai Genesis

Performance Tech Features

Intelligent Drive Mode.  This standard technology feature helps provide the best traction, throttle response and transmission shift points for a variety of conditions. In addition, drivers can select from Eco, Sport, Normal or Snow modes to match the needs of the moment.

HTRAC All-Wheel Drive.  Combining a smarter all-wheel drive system’s safety features with the pure driving performance of rear-wheel drive, the new HTRAC All-Wheel Drive system gives Genesis owners the best of both worlds. This unique driving system is only available on the new Genesis sedan.

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