Hyundai Named Best CPO Program by Edmunds


As those of us who are familiar with Hyundai quality and value know, a pre-owned Hyundai is one of the best used car buys around. And we also know that every Hyundai vehicle comes with one of the best warranties of any car company, along with an incredible reputation for reliability and performance. Now the good folks at, the automotive research website, have acknowledged this, and have recently named the Hyundai Certified Pre Owned (CPO) program as the best in the industry.

There were many reasons given by Edmunds for choosing the Hyundai CPO program as number one among all other car companies. According to a statement from Edmunds, “Hyundai’s powertrain coverage from the original date of purchase is better than a typical non-luxury CPO program by at least three years.”  They went on to say, “Hyundai’s bumper-to-bumper coverage is also better by a year on average, and the roadside assistance term is exceptional."

What Makes a Certified Pre Owned Hyundai So Great?

Here at Hyundai of Cookeville, we have plenty of experience selling Certified Pre Owned Hyundai cars, SUVs and crossovers. In fact, we know how popular they are because we can barely keep them on our lot. But just what is it that makes a Certified Pre Owned Hyundai so great? For one thing, it’s as close to a brand new Hyundai that you can get, without paying new car prices. Here are some other benefits of the Hyundai CPO program.

Every Certified Pre Owned Hyundai:

  • Is less than 5 years old
  • Has less than 60,000 miles on the odometer
  • Has passed a comprehensive 150-point quality inspection performed by our certified technicians
  • Comes with a clean title and verified CarFax Vehicle History Report
  • Includes the remaining warranty from original purchase date

Hyundai CPO Piece of Mind

Buying a Certified Pre Owned Hyundai from Hyundai of Cookeville is a great way to take advantage of all the benefits of a new car, at a much lower cost of ownership. You get the same Hyundai reliability and value, the same great Hyundai styling, the same incredible performance, all at a great used car price. It’s also great to know that you get the other benefits of owning a Hyundai such as the remainder of the original bumper-to-bumper warranty and 100,000-mile powertrain warranty. You also have access to the roadside assistance and rental car reimbursement that owners of a new Hyundai have.

Whether this will be your first Hyundai vehicle or you’re a long-time Hyundai owner, you can be assured in the protection you get when buying a CPO Hyundai from us. So, check out our available Certified Pre Owned vehicles here on our website, or come on down and see for yourself what we have in stock. Oh, and if you want a particular type of Hyundai vehicle, let us know. We’ll try to locate exactly the car, SUV or crossover you’re looking for.