Hyundai Safety Innovation Part 1

Lane Departure System and Headlights

Hyundai is one of the leaders in safety innovation, constantly developing and integrating new technology into Hyundai vehicles to make drivers safe, comfortable, and confident. Putting that sort of effort forth is what has earned Hyundai seven straight years of being the leading automotive company for customer loyalty.

Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

LDWS helps to alert the driver when the vehicle begins to drift without the use of a turn signal. Utilizing state-of-the-art vehicle-mounted cameras, it can detect road markings on both sides of the vehicle. When it detects drifting, the system issues clear visual and sound warnings, along with steering wheel vibration, to alert the driver. This allows the driver to react immediately, avoiding the possibility of drifting into lanes or off of the road.

Hyundai Technology

Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS)

While LDWS warns about unintentionally leaving your path of travel, LKAS acts on it. Using the same front view camera, LKAS responds to the same cues as LDWS, and gives the same initial warnings. However, it also utilizes the Motor Driven Power Steering system and begins moving back into the lane of travel, even before you begin to respond. This gives you a head start on regaining control of your vehicle and continuing along safely

Smart High Beam Assist (SHBA)

When night falls, illumination and vision becomes even more important. Sometimes you need the most possible light, to see obstacles ahead. Other times, you need reduce lighting, so you don’t blind pedestrians or other drivers. SHBA automatically detects light coming from oncoming vehicles as well as pedestrians, and adjusts the headlight output accordingly. This helps to prevent the blinding of other drivers or pedestrians by your high beams, which helps prevent loss of control and possible incident.

Blindspot Assist

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Under-inflated tires can cause plenty of problems. They reduce fuel economy, reduce handling and ride comfort, can lead to a flat tire that will leave you stranded, or in the worst-case scenario, they can collapse and cause loss of control while you are in motion. TPMS monitors air pressure and alerts the driver when there is a problem, so the driver can find a place to stop and fill up the tires as soon as possible.

Vehicle Stability Management (VSM)

Staying in control of your vehicle can help to keep you out of dire situations. VSM provides enhanced driving stability while integrated sensors provide alerts and adjustments to provide a stable, responsive vehicle. Even on wet or snowy roads, VSM can give you the extra edge you need to steer clear of any on-road trouble.

These are merely Hyundai’s current safety innovations – we can assure you that there are many more in the works, including semi-autonomous controls and more. Best of all, many of the advanced, innovative safety features are available regardless of the model you choose. Some carmakers think that only their top-end cars should receive advanced features, but at Hyundai, they feel that any vehicle should be able to be equipped with the systems that keep you safe.

At Hyundai of Cookeville, we value your safety, and we stand behind a carmaker who values it as well. We’re not just a dealership, we are members of the local community, and anything that can make the roads around Cookeville a safer place gives us peace of mind. So stop in and check out the safety features available in the Hyundai of your choice, and find out why both Hyundai and Hyundai of Cookeville are two of the most trusted names in new cars.

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