Ioniq Intel: What Sets Hyundai's New Hybrid Apart?

Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid

Most people assume that when buying a car, you have to choose between quality and affordability, but Hyundai has never limited itself to common assumptions. The South Korean automaker has long had a reputation for producing vehicles that are equal or superior in performance to the competition, yet cost significantly less. With the Ioniq, Hyundai is extending this reputation to the hybrid market. Available in both standard hybrid and plug-in forms, the Ioniq takes sustainable driving technology to the next level, all while staying well within ordinary consumers' price range.

Investigating the Ioniq

The standard Ioniq is a hybrid vehicle with a 1.6l engine and a 1.56 kWh battery. Between these two power sources, it gets 139 horsepower and 40 percent thermal efficiency. This makes it the most efficient new vehicle on the road, achieving 58 miles per gallon when highway and city performance are combined. By comparison, Toyota’s Prius Eco can achieve "only" 56 miles per gallon, while the standard Prius gets 52, and both are considered leaders in fuel efficiency. When it comes to saving gas and reusing energy, the Ioiniq is without parallel.

The plug-in Ioiniq has the same advanced engine as the standard, but takes fuel efficiency a step forward by relying on an 8.9 kWh lithium ion battery and a motor that achieves 60 horsepower. With this technology, it can travel 27 miles using only electric energy, before switching to gas mode and operating at the same efficiency level as the standard Ioniq.

As impressive as these figures look, the Ioniq Hybrid is only one step in Hyundai’s continuing march toward greater sustainability and efficiency. The company is also working on a fully electric Ioniq, which will be able to travel 124 miles on a single charge. With Hyundai’s help, it won’t be long until our vehicles are entirely independent of gasoline.

Further Facets

Though the Ioniq certainly stands out for its fuel efficiency, it's no less impressive in terms of style, comfort, or convenience. Thanks to its low center of gravity and careful design, the car has 26.5 cubic feet of storage space, far more than is available on other hybrids. To keep the interior comfortable, the Ioniq has dual automatic temperature control, lush cloth or leather seating, sun visor extensions, and head restraints for all seats.

The Ioniq was also designed to maximize safety, and contains a number of both active and passive crash prevention features. These include vehicle stability management, traction control, tire pressure monitoring, antilock braking, and a rearview camera. Depending on the trim, the vehicle comes with either a blind spot mirror or a comprehensive blind spot detection system. It also has air bags, crumple zones, and seat belts to keep passengers safe if there is an accident.


With the Ioniq, Hyundai is bringing automotive technology into the future. Hyundai of Cookeville offers drivers throughout Tennessee access to that tech. For more information or to purchase a vehicle, visit our website today.

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