4 Hyundai Accessories Worth Splurging On

2017 Hyundai

Everyone knows what it's like to buy something they think they'll use, only to find that they actually had no business purchasing it. Everyone also knows what it's like to use a product they wondered how they lived so long without. When it comes to car shopping, you're already forced to make a lot of decisions, so it can feel like an easy choice to skip the accessories to save the money. While every driver is different, we do think that these new 4 Hyundai accessories are actually worth the price.

2017 Hyundai

All-Weather Floor Mats

Kids, rain, busy mornings with your coffee in hand — there are a lot of ways to stain the interior of the car. These floor mats come with deep channels that keep the spills and dirt from working its way into the fibers of the interior. They're also extremely easy to clean, complements of the mat's non-stick protective finish. These are especially recommended if you're planning to take your car out on multiple road trips, because your vehicle is likely to become your home away from home.

Interior Lighting Kit

2017 Hyundai

You'll spend a lot of time on the inside of your car, and the conditions matter. Cluttered cars have been known to increase stress on the road without the driver even realizing it. This interior lighting kit is a smart way to give yourself the ambiance that you're looking for, so you can stay relaxed on the road (while still being alert.) It also helps you and your passengers feel more comfortable due to its decorative feature. The blue pools of the light at the bottom on the floor mats and easy-to-see controls are interesting and artistic touches to set your driving experience apart.

Auto Dimming Rearview Mirror

2017 Hyundai

Headlights in the dead of night can be blinding to a driver, reducing the visibility and increasing the chances of causing an accident. The auto-dimming mirror can replace the standard BlueLink mirror, so you're less likely to be in danger. This rearview mirror decreases the glare, and still comes with the BlueLink and HomeLink buttons. BlueLink is Hyundai's way of giving you control over where you're going and what you're listening to without distracting you from the road. The mirror also comes with a compass in case you want a quick reminder that you're going the right way.

Sunroof Wind Deflector

2017 Hyundai

Sunroofs are a nifty feature, and give you an enhanced (and frankly, more fun) drive when the weather is nice. But the sound of the wind can make opening the sunroof downright annoying. You can't hear anything but the rush of the wind, and you're forced to shout just to talk to your passenger (or to hear your voice singing the lyrics to your favorite songs.) This wind deflector gives you the means to enjoy your experience without all that noise, and it's the perfect complement to a sunny summer day.

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