Hurricane Harvey Relief Pledge

Hurricane Harvey Relief

Hurricane Harvey may have been in the forecast for a few days before it hit, but no one can ever really predict what a storm of this magnitude will do to a city. Harvey may have caused up to $190 billion in damage, which isn't far off from the financial devastation that New Orleans had to deal with after Katrina. The city not only has to deal with putting their infrastructure back together, they also have to deal with countless decisions and interruptions to their everyday lives. See how Parkside Kia, Hyundai of Cookeville, and Nissan of Cookeville are doing their part.

The Financial Pledge

From September 5 to the last day of the month, Parkisde Kia and Hyundai of Cookeville will donate $100 for every unit sold (up to $5,000), and Nissan of Cookeville will donate $100 for every unit sold (up to $10,000.) All three of these dealerships strive to treat their customers with the respect they deserve on a daily basis, but their concern for others doesn't just end at their doors. Each one wants to play some role in the recovery efforts being made in Texas. They know that this money will be put toward the efforts of rebuilding what has been lost to so many Texans.

The Cumulative Effect

No one company or individual will be able to put Houston and the surrounding area back together again. The money being offered by the car dealerships is meant to be a gesture of goodwill as much as it's meant to be a financial contribution. Any fundraiser can tell you that every donation they get is important, regardless of size. Nothing is wasted if it improves the life of someone who is suffering, and there's no doubt that this money will offer relief to many. Often, it's not the amount that's collected, it's also the show of support for a particular cause. The more people open up their hearts as well as their wallets, the more likely it is there will be a snowball effect in favor of this incredible city.

Lending a Hand

Hurricane Harvey not only decimated buildings, it also created a lot of chaos in people's lives. People may be hopping around from shelter to shelter, hoping that they'll have a roof over their hood while their home is rebuilt. Residents may be wondering exactly how they'll pay for everything if their insurance doesn't cover it all. Donations from Parkside Kia, Nissan of Cookeville, and Hyundai of Cookeville can help put everything back faster and more efficiently of course, but it can do more than that. It's the intent behind the money that can erase some of the uncertainty left behind by Hurricane Harvey. When everyone is feeling a little lost, they can always remind themselves that American businesses are willing to lend a hand.

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