How to Deal with These Common Road Hazards


One of the best aspects of driving off the lot of Hyundai of Cookeville is the ability to enjoy the thrill of the open road in a brand new Hyundai car. However, it is also important to remember that driving poses a set of safety hazards and that it is important to stay alert while behind the wheel. To help you out, our dealers have put together a guide of some of the most common road hazards that you’re likely to encounter in the Lebanon, TN area.

Poor Weather and Road Conditions

Poor weather is one of the most common causes of accidents. When you encounter a thunderstorm or rainstorm, slow down and drive at a safe speed that matches the flow of traffic around you. Make sure to keep a longer distance than normal between the vehicle in front of you, and ensure that your car is in good condition by scheduling an appointment at our Hyundai service center.

Reckless Drivers

Reckless drivers can be distracted by cellphones, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, slipping between other vehicles, or driving much faster or slower than the flow of traffic. Driver who exhibit these behavior create an unsafe environment for those around them. If you encounter a reckless driver, slow down, let them pass, and keep a safe distance.


Potholes in the road can cause distractions, making some drivers swerve around and cause an accident. If you encounter a pothole, keep a firm grasp on the steering wheel, slow down, and try to drive around it if it’s safe.

For more safe driving tips, talk to a dealer here at Hyundai of Cookeville.

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