Hurricane Harvey Relief Pledge

Hurricane Harvey Relief

Hurricane Harvey may have been in the forecast for a few days before it hit, but no one can ever really predict what a storm of this magnitude will do to a city. Harvey may have caused up to $190 billion in damage, which isn't far off from the financial devastation that New Orleans had to deal with after Katrina. The city not only has to deal with putting their infrastructure back together, they also have to deal with countless decisions and interruptions to their everyday lives. See how Parkside Kia, Hyundai of Cookeville, and Nissan of Cookeville are…

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The All-New 2018 Hyundai Kona

2018 Hyundai Kona

The 2018 Hyundai Kona is designed to be ideal for people who live in cities and have active lifestyles. It is a mini SUV that is designed to keep you moving. The design is a unique one as well with a cascading grille on the front, LED running lights and headlamps, and an overall look that gets better the closer you get to it. The exterior design is much bolder than the interior design but it is a quality design and still very attractive. There are body color accents around the vents as well as the shifter.

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Ioniq Intel: What Sets Hyundai's New Hybrid Apart?

Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid

Most people assume that when buying a car, you have to choose between quality and affordability, but Hyundai has never limited itself to common assumptions. The South Korean automaker has long had a reputation for producing vehicles that are equal or superior in performance to the competition, yet cost significantly less…

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How does Hyundai Blind Spot Detection Work?

2017 Hyundai Sonata

Keeping your eyes on the road at all times is vital in helping to prevent accidents. No matter how careful of a driver one is, though, there is always a chance that you might overlook something when your eyes are sweeping the area. Then there are those places that make it difficult to see because of your height, the way the car is designed or some other factor.

Blind Spots Challenge Even Careful Drivers

Fortunately, the safety systems that are included on today's technologically-advanced cars take these factors into account when they are designed. Take Hyundai's Blind Spot…

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Hyundai's Bumper to Bumper Warranty Total Protection, Total Peace of Mind

Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

At its core, Hyundai's bumper to bumper warranty is designed to do a lot more than just protect your vehicle in the event of both routine maintenance and the types of issues you can't predict. It's designed to allow you to rest easy, generating the type of peace of mind that only comes with knowing that your Hyundai investment is taken care of - no matter what.

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4 Hyundai Accessories Worth Splurging On

2017 Hyundai

Everyone knows what it's like to buy something they think they'll use, only to find that they actually had no business purchasing it. Everyone also knows what it's like to use a product they wondered how they lived so long without. When it comes to car shopping, you're already forced to make a lot of decisions, so it can feel like an easy choice to skip the accessories to save the money. While every driver is different, we do think that these new 4 Hyundai accessories are actually worth the price.

2017 Hyundai

All-Weather Floor Mats

Kids, rain…

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Great Features in the 2017 Hyundai Sonata

Hyundai Sonata Exterior

The Hyundai Sonata is one of the top selling sedans on the market, and it’s easy to understand why. This reliable model from Korean manufacturer Hyundai is known for blending comfort and style with excellent fuel efficiency and a reasonable sticker price. The 2017 model continues in this tradition while also bringing an abundance of appealing features related to performance, exterior modeling and interior styling.

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Hyundai Safety Innovation Part 3

Blind Spot Detection

Advanced Smart Cruise Control (ASCC) with Start/Stop Technology takes cruise control to the next level with futuristic technological advances that are available now on select Hyundai vehicles. ASCC uses a combination of cameras and radars to keep the vehicle away from others that are in front of it. As the driver, you can input those parameters that you are most comfortable with. The system allows you to set the vehicle's speed as well as the distance that must be maintained from the vehicle in front of you. This allows you to relax because the system will slow - or…

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Hyundai Safety Innovation Part 2

Hyundai Safety Innovation

Hyundai is one of the leaders in safety innovation, constantly developing and integrating new technology into Hyundai vehicles to make drivers safe, comfortable, and confident. Putting that sort of effort forth is what has earned Hyundai seven straight years of being the leading automotive company for customer loyalty. We’ve looked at some of Hyundai’s safety innovations before – here are even more of the advanced safety features available in Hyundai vehicles today!

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